Swimming with a Manta Ray (!!!)

Let’s just discuss how terrifying underwater creatures are. Like you’re 100% in their turf. If they want to eat you, they easily can. And that’s super scary.

And yet, I strap on a tank and swim down 18 meters into the open waters of Bali. Cause that’s a good idea, right? But it’s absolutely amazing.

After having performed many of the skills we needed to pass for our exam yesterday, we were able to enjoy three dives today. We took a speed boat out to Nusa Penida and stopped at stunning dive spots. Of the three dives, however, one was out of this world: Manta Point.

We were planning to swim with manta rays, y’all.

Manta. Rays.

As we slowly descended to the ground floor, I was equally excited and scared. I try to face my fears head on, but man – this was hard. I didn’t really want to face a manta ray head on.

As I nervously scanned the water for big, graceful globs, I saw my instructor point in front of me. Coming right ahead was a manta ray with its massive mouth hanging open.

Scuba Diving

Tangent – I feel like if manta rays were people, they’d be the biggest mouth breathers.

I wanted to desperately do the 5 D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Basically, I wanted to swim far away from this beautiful but terrifying creature.

And you know what the manta ray did?? Nothing. It did nothing. It swam right past me like it was on its way to work. Another manta ray swam through our group, and my fear lowered a little. They’re pretty chill to be honest and so graceful in the water.

Coming back into the boat, I felt on top of the world. Again the thought went through my brain: how is this my life??

Later that afternoon, my scuba diving class and I celebrated passing our exams and becoming licensed scuba divers. I’m legit now!

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