Just Another Spa Day in Bali

Back home I’m a total frugal pamper-er. A spa day for me includes buying a face mask from Target and letting it set while I watch Gilmore Girls.

Total price: $3

But while I’ve been in Bali, I’ve decided to splurge on the spa days. With a spa being a 2-minute walk from my hostel, it’s really hard to say no. It’s especially hard to say no when their prices are insanely cheap (100,000 IDR is about $7.00). So why fight it, you know?

After having survived surfing and scuba diving, I decided to deem today – Meagan Doesn’t Do Anything Day. And I was really looking forward to it.

I started the day by sleeping in (glory) and venturing over to the hostel cafe for breakfast. Look at all of the colors!


After breakfast, I headed to the spa where I had a massage, a sea salt body scrub, a flower petal bath, and a facial. Total cost? $20. Bali, I love you. And my skin and muscles do too.

There’s just something about pampering yourself while traveling. I feel like I appreciate it 1000x more.

Buuuuut, my lazy day eventually came to an end. I went back to my hostel to work on my computer. But for those few blissful hours, I didn’t think about anything.

Fun fact – I fell asleep during my facial. I felt really awkward about it.

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