A Day of Plotting and Planning

Today was definitely not a thrilling day, but it was a productive day.

I’ve been procrastinating booking flights and accommodation for my next journey for a while now. So I gave myself a little pep talk, packed up my backpack, and headed to a cafe. And basically spent the entire afternoon in Starbucks.


Ok, because here’s the thing – it’s hard to get work done in European cafes. Cafes here focus on taking time out and enjoying the company of those around you. They take an hour, chat with a neighbor or coworker, and drink an espresso. So though it wouldn’t be unthinkable, it would be really uncomfortable setting up my laptop and working for hours alone.

Basically Starbucks is my safe haven where I can order an iced chai latte and settle into a cozy couch.

My main agenda was to book my flight from Croatia to Indonesia and to somehow make my way to a small village in Bali.

I didn’t even know where to begin, so I spent a majority of my time figuring out my options. What airports can I fly into, what ferries can I take, what accommodation is around, how much would a taxi cost, etc.

But by dinner time, I had two flights booked, three accommodations planned, and a route with detailed instructions. So I’m basically feeling good about life.

But you just can’t get work done without a proper soundtrack. I’m really getting into the band A R I Z O N A.

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