The Most Charming Trumpeter

Today was just a completely standard day in Madrid. I woke up, went to my cereal spot (had Reese’s Puffs), and then went to the local pool. You see, it’s warm in Madrid. Shocker, I know. So the idea of not going to the pool is too hard to handle. And with an entrance fee of 3 euros, it just makes sense.

So I laid bathing in the sun with ma girls Miranda and Kacey. I might be in Spain, but I’m a Texan – and this is summer. It’s not summer without country music.

I then stopped off to get more bubble tea. I’m telling you, I have a problem. This time I got the frozen coconut flavor, and ohmergosh it was so good.

Then I decided to take on El Retiro Park. Fun fact – it’s massive.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.13.45 PM

While making my way through the park, I heard a trumpet drifting across the gravel paths. I absolutely had to find the source.

What I discovered was the most charming trumpeter I have ever encountered.

He was probably a little too smooth for his own good, to be honest.

After my long excursion across the park, I needed food. And I found this awesome authentic cuisine:


Haha! Nah, instead I ate dinner at this really great taco joint (that wasn’t Taco Bell). Technically tacos are Mexican and not Spanish. But ehhhh …. who cares.

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  1. Tony Vu

    Boba tea is not a problem! It’s the solution to everything. The solution to the problems, haha!


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