“You May Say I’m A Dreamer …”

When I first started my trip, I loved getting a jump start on the day. I was all about those early morning hours, you know? But now — ehhhhhh. I take a much more lazy casual approach.

It’s not that I don’t like seeing things. It’s just that I instead like to eat a lamb/tzatziki burger at Prague’s farmer’s market and lay in the park. Maybe take a nap. Then I’ll rally to see some more sights.

I think the most crucial thing here is to listen to your mind and body. What do you actually want to do? What would make you the happiest on your trip? Getting up early and seeing the sunrise? Sleeping late and enjoying an evening dinner with friends? Naps in parks, books in cafes? Figure out what you actually want to do and not what you feel like you have do to.

On our way to seeing the Dancing House, we stumbled upon two very exciting things. The first: bubbles.


Do you see that face? That is the face of pure happiness.

The second thing: what looked like the “be silent, be still” performance in She’s All That.


When Nicole, Bryce and I arrived at The Dancing House, I was pretty pumped. The two buildings were designed to look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and I adore them. When I was explaining this to the gang, I got the response, “… so who are they?”

Oh boy.

So let’s take a moment for some Fred and Ginger Appreciation.

We continued on towards the John Lennon Wall. The colors were all so vibrant, which I loved. The smell of sewer was less than desirable.


And I ended the evening with a quesadilla. Praise.


Also. Can we discuss Bryce’s photo taking skills…

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