Ferries, Trains, and Tubes – oh my!

*this post is brought to you by a double shot of espresso*

Early this morning, I headed to the Dublin Port to catch a ferry to Holyhead. There I would take a train to Euston Station, and from there, I would take the tube to my hostel near London Bridge. About 9 hours of travel ahead of me.

My eyes were hanging heavy, and the slight sway of the ferry rocked me like a baby. The idea of falling asleep seemed too vulnerable, however, so I instead downed a double shot of espresso and carried on. Carried on like a zombie, but carried on nonetheless.


I didn’t take many photos because travel days always keep my hands busy. Trying to keep track of my backpack, day backpack, wallet, passport, phone, AND camera?? Too many variables. Plus I was finishing the book Big Little Lies, and I just couldn’t put it down!

The train ride through Wales was absolutely spectacular. It makes me wonder — why aren’t more people going to Wales?? Just throwing that out there.


Two years ago, London was my first international city to visit. It was all so fast-paced and overwhelming. The intimidation factor was so real.

Heading back into London with extensive travel under my belt, my time has been completely different. It doesn’t scare me anymore. I now view London as a perfectly manageable city.

And that’s what is special about travel. Proving that you’re a growing human being.

View from my casual, evening run in London:


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