Dublin Castles and Dublin Pubs



A few of my hostel friends and I decided to do the Dublin Castle tour. To be honest, looking at old furniture and creepy portraits isn’t super intriguing to me. But I thought to myself, “Meagan. This is a castle. Go see a castle!”

And you know what I found?? Old furniture and creepy portraits. But I had good company, so we had fun.

We then decided to grab lunch at the infamous The Temple Bar (located within the district of Temple Bar). The fact that you can find live music practically everywhere in Dublin at all times makes my heart happy.

When traveling longterm, you have to remember to play “the long game.” Sometimes I can’t sightsee all day. Sometimes errands win out. Sometimes naps win out. Today? I needed to edit photos and do a face mask. Another glamorous aspect to travel:


Back in Reykjavik, I made a friend who just so happened to live in Dublin. So when I flew into Dublin, Ollie became my tour guide during the duration of my stay. I must say, a local guide is quite convenient.

After we had dinner at a local joint, I joined my hostel friends at probably one of the liveliest pubs I’ve ever been to. Fun fact – Wonderwall is the #1 cover song I hear. Closely followed by Teenage Dirtbag. I don’t hate it.

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