A Friendship Across the World

In my mind, there was only one real reason to visit Melbourne.


Way, way back in the day, I met Jo in London. She was sleeping in the bunk bed above me, and we met in the bathroom as we got ready for the day. And that was the beginning of the tightest of bonds.

We survived the crazy, hectic world of London together (she was there when my phone was smashed by a drunk guy), we reunited for a quick visit in Belgium, and we spent the best week ever at Sziget together.


Needless to say, she’s one of the closest friends I’ve made on this trip, and I cherish her friendship. When I started thinking about the last time I saw Jo, I realized it was in August … five months ago. Will someone please tell me where the time keeps flying to?

Jo and her Polish family have graciously offered me a place to stay in their home, and I was so excited to spend a week with them. Because they don’t live in Melbourne, but instead an hour outside in Geelong, I needed to grab a bus out there.

When I arrived into the bus station, my phone died. Which isn’t helpful at all. I wandered around downtown Geelong carrying my backpacks in search of a cafe or restaurant to charge my phone and stumbled upon a public library. Free wifi and power outlets. I love libraries.

A little while later, Jo came and picked me up. And what a joyous reunion it was!

Literally the first words out of her mouth were, “You’re so freaking dark!” What can I say? I’ve been to the beach a lot. Like 3 months straight.

The rest of the evening included catching up on life and reminiscing about our travel tales.

It was a great day.

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