Walking Across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Back when I was in Madrid, I met a girl who I hung out with for maybe 5 hours. Polly and I spent the time laughing about our various crazy travel stories that we’ve collected. It’s so hard to convey how quickly you connect with people while traveling.

Turns out, Polly was back in Sydney. I got a Facebook message from her seeing if we can get together.

Um, yes. Duh.

So I told her that I still really wanted to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I asked her if she’d like to join. She was basically like, “Um, yes. Duh.”

We met up outside of Circular Quay, and we did a bit of a squeal and a hug. Reunions are always fun. We then headed off to climb some stairs and begin our journey across the bridge. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful day (ok, maybe a little lot warm).

Sydney Harbour Bridge

While walking across the bridge, I spotted my dream dog. I kid you not, the exact dog I want. See below to compare photos. One is from Twitter that I saved and one is the pup named Baxter.

I eagerly asked the owner if i could pet him, and I just snuggled this little dog so much. His fur was so so so soft. I didn’t even care that we was chewing on my AC/DC t-shirt. You can chew on ALL of my t-shirts! Just be my puppy!

But alas, I said goodbye to the love of my life. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Polly and I finished the walk across the bridge and headed down to Luna Park. If you’re a massive Mary-Kate and Ashley fan like I am, then you’d recognize it as the theme park from Our Lips Are Sealed.

Tangent: But can we just discuss how convenient it was that the boy/love interest had a dad that owned Luna Park? Like what. And also, those two boys were adorable, and they would not be the outcasts of the school. I mean, the hair is a bit much … but I digress.

We strolled through Luna Park and wandered up to a little park behind it. All the while, Polly and I caught up on life. There was a lot to catch up on.

I’ll always love how beautiful and genuine travel friendships are.

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