I Almost Messed Up – Big Time

Travel tip – don’t frantically search for a visa 6 hours before your flight. It’s a really bad idea.

Back when I was planning for this trip, I did all of my visa research. Every country that I would be visiting offered a visa upon arrival. All except one: Australia.

Obtaining a visa in Australia technically wasn’t difficult at all. I simply purchased one online outside of the country, and then I would be electronically approved. So with this information in mind, I forgot about it – until 3 hours before I was supposed to leave for my flight.

I thought, “Ok, so not an ideal situation, BUT it’s not difficult to get one.”

As I began looking for the electronic visa, I started freaking out. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Instead, I was met with visas that took at least 2 days to process.

*cue panic attack*

My heart began to race as the gravity started setting in. I would have to cancel my flight. Purchase a new flight. Spend hundreds of dollars on this mistake. Book two more nights at my hostel.

I could feel the tears forming behind my eyelids, but I refused to accept defeat. I kept searching.

It was on some random travel forum that I found the link to the electronic visa that I somehow managed to originally overlook. With a huge sigh of relief, I secured my visa to Australia.

Y’all. I was shaking from adrenaline for a solid 30 minutes after.

But leading up to the panic attack, I actually had a lovely day. I had my final brunch at Coffee n’ Oven which was delicious. Those pancakes are a head above the rest.


Then I went to get my nails done and a massage/facial. This will probably be the last spa day I have in a very long time *internally whimpers*. Momma just can’t afford this stuff back home, ya feel?

One thing I’m really going to miss is my scooter. Everyone told me horror stories about driving one around Bali. And though I headed their advice, I didn’t let fear dictate my decision. I was a cautious driver, but I also learned to be a defensive driver. Overall, I loved the freedom that my scooter gave me. And though it’s true that Indonesian driving can be hectic, it’s doable. Just be smart.

*not pictured: my helmet that I faithfully wore*


I only walked away with one little injury, and it wasn’t even from driving my scooter. As I was parking, I didn’t realize that the scooter next to mine was still hot. My calf grazed it, and I got a little burn mark.


After the visa scare, I packed up my backpack and headed to the airport. Off to Sydney I go!

I got the entire aisle to myself for a night flight #blessed #philippians4:19


I’m really going to miss Indonesia. It easily became my favorite place I’ve been so far on my trip. And that’s saying quite a bit. I’ll definitely be coming back, no doubt about it. Who knows – maybe I’ll be coming back to live.

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