You Need GO-JEK


GO-JEK is one of my top 10 favorite things about Bali. It’s like Uber, but on steroids. Basically GO-JEK is a transportation service for almost anything you can think of. They can be a taxi service, a courier service, food, grocery, or prescription delivery service, etc.

I’ve mostly used them for their GoRide service – a scooter taxi.

A crucial thing to note about Bali – the traffic can be next-level awful. Cars can sometimes take 2x or 3x longer than a scooter. Sometimes, however, I don’t feel comfortable driving my scooter through congested, chaotic traffic. So instead, I book a scooter taxi to drive me around.

These drivers know what they’re doing.

They know all of the back roads, back streets, shortcuts – everything. Plus, they’re really good at safely bobbing and weaving through the traffic.

And on top of all of that, they’re insanely cheap. A scooter ride from Canggu to Kuta costs me about 30,000 IDR (like $3).

Anyway, that’s my Indonesia tip for the day 😉

I had brunch at Betelnut Cafe, but to be honest, I didn’t really care for it much. In my opinion, there are better places to eat. Just FYI.

Then – exciting news for me – I went out surfing! I had stayed out of the water while my ear infection got better. After it was back to normal, I was a little gun-shy to get back into the water, but my desire to surf overpowered the fear of a relapse.

The waves were slightly bigger than I was used to, but I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy trying to get out of the ocean though. For some reason, the water would break literally right on shore. So imagine trying to walk out of the ocean and onto the beach with waist-high waves crashing on you. I was trying to tie up my leash around my board when a massive wave tried to eat me. It scooped up me and my board, and my board came crashing down on me.

It will leave a nasty bruise, no doubt about it. I was also covered head to toe in sand. The amount of sand I blew out of my nose was alarming.

Later that night, my hostel hosted free pizza night at Luigi’s. You say free pizza, and I will come running.

Side note – my hostel The Farm is BY FAR the best hostel in all of Canggu. Trust me on this, and just book it. The staff is absolutely wonderful and the pool is niiiiiiiice.

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