I Will NOT Get Sunburned Today

On my second day out surfing, I got sunburned on the back of my legs and arms. On my third day out surfing, I tried my best to lather up on the sunscreen again but was ruthlessly beaten by the sun.

So today? I am NOT getting sunburned for a third day in a row. My body cannot handle it.

Apparently there’s some sort of surfer trick to use zinc. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s quite the thing to do in the camp. So I walked up to one of the basic stores in the village and purchased a little container of it.

The zinc can come in various colors, so it’s always funny to see what everyone looks like. Some have brown which looks like a terrible liquid foundation choice. Some use red which makes them look already sunburned. One guy has blue which makes him look like a smurf, and it makes me laugh quite a bit.

But me? I have a dull gray color which makes me look like I’m a ghost.

Luckily today was a nice overcast day, and I managed to surf for four hours without getting a sunburn. I consider today a victory! I also did some pop up drills and worked on a balancing board, and I think that added to the rest of my surfing success.

Overall, today has been a good day of surfing. My pop up is much more comfortable, and I was actually able to work on bottom turns.

We now have several hours to rest before dinner and a photo review of our surf sessions. Eek – hope they look ok!

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