Why is Everything Breaking??

  • In London my phone broke – 90 euros to repair.
  • In Budapest my phone broke again – 110 euros to repair.
  • In Lagos my necklace broke – 5 euros to repair.

But that list is nothing compared to the newest broken item:

My external hard drive.

Let’s first discuss how this external hard drive stored all of my photos from the past four months of my trip. All of them. And like a dummy, I didn’t back them up. I had one copy, and that was the external hard drive.

Yup. Oh boy.

But I knew I was playing Russian Roulette with my photos, so I decided to do a hard back up today. And literally right before I got started, my computer informed me:

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.17.35 PM

So basically my external hard drive wouldn’t mount to my computer or any other computer.

I took it to an IT store in Porto, but they said 1. it would take two weeks 2. I had to pick it back up at this store (they wouldn’t ship it) and 3. it would cost about $250.

So that’s a no.

I looked up the external hard drive brand (Seagate), but they quoted me $500.

Well dang.

Then I remembered – the IT guys back at my old work said that if I ever needed anything, I should reach out to them. And so that’s exactly what I did.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.38.32 PM

I headed straight out to the post office and shipped it this afternoon (after realizing I forgot my wallet, ran to my hostel, ran back to the post office, and paid the shipping). And after an emotionally and physically exhausting day, I sat down in the hostel kitchen to eat some dinner and charge my phone.

And that’s when my electrical adapter broke. You know – the thing that lets me charge / use my devices while in Europe.

I’m done.

Because I have a flight early the next morning, I quickly ran back to the IT store to buy another adapter.

Honestly. This day. Can I go to bed yet?

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  1. Suzy Olesch

    I have saved all of your email posting while you have been gone if any are needed to restore pictures I have. Love you. Granma.

    • Meagan Tilley

      Thanks Granma! I actually have a copy of all of the photos I posted on my website *exhale* so that’s good. They’re just not the full size like the ones on my hard drive. So I’m hoping to get the original photos back and have my higher resolution (clearer) copy.


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