I Love Grocery Shopping

This morning I checked out of my hostel and took a taxi to the bus stop.

Which – side note: I think I’m being cheated by taxi drivers. Several will turn on the meter, but then tack on an odd charge at the end of my journey. I don’t speak enough Spanish to challenge it, but it bothers me. Anyone ever experience that?

I had a five-hour bus ride ahead of me, and I planned on spending it editing photos and working on my posts. But when I sat down, I realized this wasn’t going to be possible. I had virtually zero leg room to do anything.


It was going to be a long bus ride. I find travel days to be really exhausting, which is crazy because I’m literally doing nothing for hours.

When I did arrive into Lagos, I discovered that there was a large supermarket five minutes from the hostel. And can I just say — I’ve missed big supermarkets. They’re so convenient and easy. I can purchase everything I want in one spot!

The only difficulty is the language. I know zero Portuguese, so I spent a majority of my time translating things. “Hey Google, what’s chicken in Portuguese?”

I made a yummy meal and had a peaceful night at my hostel. This hostel is perfect for me. It’s beachy and airy. Chill and comfortable. I walk around barefoot, drink green tea, and sit on the rooftop terrace to look at the stars.

Honestly perfect.

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  1. Tony Vu

    I feel like they do that everywhere you travel. If your not a native to the country, they will always make things more expensive.


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