Muy Caliente, Por Favor.

This morning I got on train and left Madrid. I really enjoyed my time here mainly because of my simple routine. Don’t get me wrong – Madrid is beautiful, vibrant, electric, and complex. But I enjoyed it the most for the simplicity it offered me. Wake up, eat cereal, go to the pool, find bubble tea … etc. It was refreshing to find a normal routine in three months of exciting chaos.

But I was also happy to put routine behind me as I headed to Valencia.

When people mention their favorite cities in Spain, I often hear about Valencia. Being close to the beach, maintaining historical significance, and providing delicious paella, it really raises the bar.

As I was checking into my hostel, the free walking tour was about to head out. I quickly threw my things into a locker and left with them. Having only been in Valencia for 10 minutes, I was immediately engulfed into the beauty of it. It’s charming yet bustling, and that’s a combination that I adore.

I also got to try Horchata for the first time, which sent me immediately into song (honestly what is this song even about??).


After the tour, I headed to the laundromat. Not so fun fact: I haven’t been able to get rid of the bed bugs completely. After two weeks of zero bed bug activity, I randomly got bit again in Madrid. Check out my chubby foot:

So I went to the laundromat with the intention of washing absolutely everything I own in “muy caliente” water. I will end these bed bugs if it’s the last thing I do.

It also showed me how very little clothes I have.

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  1. Tony Vu

    This is by far my favorite blog post!

    Your such a poet, “It’s charming yet bustling…I adore….” You sound like Charles Dickens! Ha!

    “Muy Caliente” washer…lmao…so funny…I can’t stop laughing!!!! ROFL!!!!

    As I’m writing this comment, I’m listening to the song Horchata! Not a bad sound! It’s a weird but cool song!


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