Slept Through My Alarm and Missed My Bus


Today was definitely a “whoops” day. If you’ve been following along on my travel post journey, then by now you’re probably aware of how tired I am. I’ve been on and off sick since Edinburgh (about 3 weeks ago), and I just can’t seem to get ahead. Ever sleep-deprived, I keep pushing forward thinking that I’ll squeeze in a nap at some point.

Well. My exhaustion finally held consequences.

In my very tired state this morning, apparently I turned off my 7am alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up at 10am and thought, “what time is it and why is it so bright outside??” As soon as I saw the time, I knew nothing could be done. My bus from Berlin to Dresden left at 9am. So instead of rushing about, I accepted my fate. I packed up my things, checked new bus times, changed my route, and away I went.

When I got to the bus station, the next bus unfortunately wasn’t leaving for another three hours. So I set up camp in a nearby diner, had lunch, and worked on posts and pictures.

I’m currently writing this from inside the bus. I have another hour to go before I arrive into Prague, and I’m quite hungry. I fully intend on checking into my hostel, finding food, taking a shower, and going to bed,

Sleep is your friend, Meagan. Don’t neglect that beautiful friendship.

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  1. Tony Vu

    Your a ball of energy! You don’t need sleep!

    Lmaof….“what time is it and why is it so bright outside??”


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