And This is Why Budget Airlines Suck


I had one goal for the day: get to my hostel in Berlin. That was it. It seemed like a perfectly attainable goal. But no. Oh, no. Travel can never be that easy.

I requested an Uber on my phone, and it said that one was 3 minutes away. I thought, “Nice, I don’t have to wait long at all!” If there is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy about Uber drivers, it’s when they make consecutive wrong turns. It took my driver 20 minutes to pick me up.

Once at the airport, I stood in line for an hour to check my backpack only to discover that I needed a boarding pass beforehand. And to get said boarding pass, I needed to be in another line.

Ha. Of course.

I also didn’t check-in online because I had an assigned seat and thought it unnecessary. So when the airline clerk informed me that I would have to pay a fee, I was a little put off. And when they told me that the fee was $50, I was a lot put off. I could really rant about this, but I shall refrain.


Upon landing in Berlin, I had to take two metro trains to get to my hostel. I had heard that Berlin had an excellent system (S-bahn and U-bahn), so I figured this would be cake. Buuuuut turns out they were currently having train issues and my station was under construction. I didn’t stand a chance.

By the time I finally got to my hostel, I was ready to drop. But instead of slipping into a blissful nap, I went to dinner with a new friend from the hostel.

I really need to put more priority on sleeping. I’m like that Charlie Puth song We Don’t Talk Sleep Anymore.

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