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Whenever I arrive into a new city, one of the first things I do is take a Sandeman’s free walking tour. It gives me a good foundation of where things are located, general history, and tips. I honestly really recommend this method if you have the time.

Hugo, our Irish tour guide, was basically the perfect leader. He gave enough information without overloading us – a delicate balance that many tour guides do not master. He also got points for being pretty funny too.

Along the way, I ended up meeting three people my age within the group. One was actually staying in my hostel, which I found to be a crazy coincidence since our hostel is further out than others.


After the 2 1/2 hour walking tour was over, the four of us decided to continue walking to the Arc de Triomphe. Having stood under that arc two years ago when I last visited Paris, it was surreal to stand there again comparing who I was then and now. With so much growth and change, it seems impossible to be only two years.

The fantastic four then headed to the Jewish quarter for some lunch, and then we disbanded.

Travel life can be rough. You quickly make friends and then you quickly lose them.

I ended up meeting a local later that afternoon, and we stumbled upon the most amazingly perfect thing in all of Paris. I mean, in my opinion. But it was the very best in every way.

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