A Banksy Scavenger Hunt

Remember when Banksy was like super cool and cutting edge? You know, like 8 years ago?

Yeah, I never got the memo that he phased out … *whispers* I still think he’s super cool.

When I started making my to-do list for London, I knew that I wanted to see his graffiti. It was an absolute must. Unfortunately, because I was 8 years late to the party, most of the graffiti had been destroyed. Or sold for $500,000.

I found an online map of where the graffiti was and if it’s still intact. So I set off across Shoreditch, London Bridge, and Soho to find these pieces.

It was like the biggest scavenger hunt I’ve ever played. I would Google image search the graffiti just so I could see what was around it. I basically felt like an investigator, and I was loving it. Add it to the list of desired occupations.

  • Photojournalist
  • Investigator
  • Ice Cream Sampler
  • Flamenco Street Performer
  • Spy

I took a break and had yummy noodles on the brisk, rainy day.

And found beautiful, heavenly nectar – Dr. Pepper! *lit*


After my scavenger hunt was over, I went to the National Gallery to join a friend that I met in Iceland. Andrea was on my South Coast tour, and it just so happened that we were in London at the same time.

Fun fact – this happens ALL the time. I already have plans to meet up with new friends in 7 other cities during my trip.

The National Gallery was great. I went solely to see their Impressionist collection because I will forever love Renoir, Degas, and Monet. I ended the day in Chinatown trying bubble tea for the first time. I had chocolate mint flavored milk tea, and it was everything.

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  1. Suzy Olesch

    What is bubble tea?

    • Meagan Tilley

      Bubble tea is a milk tea that has small tapioca balls at the bottom. Super different, but very tasty!

      • Suzy Olesch

        Well that does sound interesting. Maybe we will have to try that when you get back.

  2. Tony Vu

    Bubble tea is the bomb! They have it everywhere in DFW. I can’t believe that it’s your first time. I’ve had it since I was a kid! Maybe, it’s the Asian side of me. 🙂

    I love Bansky. That dude is still relevant!

    • Meagan Tilley

      I’ve seen it around in Dallas a lot! I’ve just never stopped to try. But now? I’ll be drinking all of the bubble tea when I come back!

      • Tony Vu

        When you get Boba Tea in Dallas, let me know! It would be fun drinking Boba tea with a friend! 🙂


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