A Very Expensive Hug

Preface: never let a drunk guy give you a hug.

Such intrigue, right? Ok, here’s the story:

A couple of days ago, my friend Jo (the Aussie) and I were invited to a super posh night out with our local friends. Except that we hated every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely saw how the other half lives in London. However, I couldn’t handle the crappy music and fake smiles. Jo and I decided to bail and find a spot that actually had beat drops in their music.

As we made our way out of posh London and into normal London, we started feeling a lot more like ourselves.

And then a drunk guy came up to us for a hug.

What to do, right? If you blow him off, he might keep following you. If you give him a hug, he might keep following you. In a quick decision, I decided to give him the quickest hug ever. What I wasn’t anticipating? Him lifting me up in the air and spinning me. My phone went flying out of my hand and crashed to the pavement with a few bounces for good measure.

My screen was completely shattered. It literally cut my hand to swipe across the screen.

The drunk guy looked at me with the biggest eyes ever. I think I saw his life flash before my eyes.

Getting mad wouldn’t change the fact that my phone was still shattered. But you better believe he scrammed after that. And ok, I maybe cried just a little.

Luckily, my local friends recommended a spot to get it fixed. I went to the Fone Doctors, and they were so helpful. If you’re in London and needing a phone fix, look no further. The prices are fair and it was fixed within three hours.


And that is my sad little tale. Moral of the story: don’t give hugs to anyone ever.

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  1. Sally Reid

    HAHA I’ll take your advice and never hug anyone again 😉

    • Meagan Tilley

      The best advice I’ve given, right there.



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