Livin’ the Luxe Life

You know how little kids get sleepy and start crying? That was basically me a few days ago. Though no tears were shed, I wore myself out and needed to recharge. So after two consecutive nights of 8+ hours of sleep in a peaceful hotel, I was feeling a lot better about life.

So my goal for the day? Be lazy and pamper myself.


I grabbed breakfast at the hotel buffet and then laid in bed until 11am watching Blue Crush. Now watching the movie with a bit of surf experience, my first thought was — “where the heck are their rash guards?? That bikini ain’t stayin’ up, that’s for sure. One break and it’s gone.”

After that, I ate lunch back at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and went out for some solo surf. Going solo is pretty tough. Not only am I still working on muscle memory, but now I’m figuring out the Art of Timing. Specifically when you’re too late on a wave and get pummeled. Always fun. I did have a few runs and felt satisfied.

After the surfing, I headed to the hotel bar, ordered myself a pineapple smoothie, and edited photos. Not a bad work location. Not too shabby.

Luxe life

Then I went back to Mermaids and Sailors for one last yoga session. Seriously, they carry some super cute clothes. I wanted to buy everything, but knew my backpack was at capacity. But I totally bought this hat. I’m in love. Check out the brand Spiritual Gangster. Super cute stuff.

As I was leaving the studio, it started pouring (wet season in Costa Rica has not disappointed). I took shelter under a little shopping center and shopped for a new home. Anyone want to buy a Costa Rican mansion with me? Eh? Any takers?

Once the rain stopped, I wandered the hotel property for a bit and then headed to my room. Finished the night with pizza in bed. Glory to glory.

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