Day Trip to Manly Beach

Despite my incredibly slow start to the morning (I didn’t leave the apartment until 1:30pm – yikes!), I was determined to enjoy the beautiful weather out at Manly Beach which included a walk to the train station, taking the train to the harbor, taking a ferry to Manly dock, and walking to the beach.

An adventure awaited! Plus let’s be honest, I love any and all excuses to take a train and ferry.

As my train dropped me off at Circular Quay, the next ferry departing to Manly was leaving in 3 minutes. I simply walked up, boarded, and left. I love when things just work out like that.

Manly Beach

The ferry ride was 30 minutes and gave beautiful views of the harbor. I can see now why it’s rated top activities to do in Sydney.

When I finally arrived to Manly beach, I was so ready to be in Beach Mode. I leisurely strolled down the shoreline and people watched the whole way. As I was walking along, I noticed an entire group of 7-year-olds learning how to surf. They really teach ’em young.

Manly Beach

Finally at the end of the beach, I lay down my towel and read my book for a long while. I just really love the beach so so much. But during the late afternoon, the wind started picking up like crazy and throwing sand everywhere. I was definitely ready to leave by that point.

Manly Beach

Once I arrived back into the apartment neighborhood, I stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a few things. Namely ingredients to make peach cobbler because nothing gets me in the Christmas mood more than that. Nom nom nom!!

I’d consider it a successful day.

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