Meat and More Meat

Alright – shooting straight with you: I did next to nothing today. However, I accomplished two wonderful things.

  • I video chatted my mom for about two hours.
  • I had a huge plate of meat.

After having indulged myself by sleeping in until 11am (whoa, I know), I woke up and rummaged for some food. I slowly got ready and then video chatted my mom for a long time (shout out to my mom who always comes in clutch when I need her … which is basically all of the time).

By this point in the day, a Texan (slash Californian slash Utahan) checked into the hostel. Honestly, it’s so wonderful meeting Texans while traveling. There’s just a level of familiarity and understanding that I click with. Like discussing a grill out vs. a BBQ. How we miss sweet tea and Whataburger. What our favorite flavor of Bluebell is. The important things.

The Texan and I headed out to a local restaurant where our hostel owner said had “big portions and really cheap.” I like those things.


Honestly, that was just altogether too much meat. But then again, meat is basically the one food group of Eastern Europe. Good luck being a vegetarian while you’re here.

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  1. Anna T.

    So much meat!! Wow!