Vlog #4: Sarajevo War Tour and Baklava

Ever since arriving in Sarajevo, I learn more about the Bosnian War that happened between 1992-1995. The strength and perseverance they displayed is inspirational. I hope to instill that bravery into my life.

Because Bosnia is situated as the front door into Europe from the Middle East / Asia, it has benefited in a diverse influence. You can really see this in their food. This afternoon I hunted to find the best Baklava in Sarajevo, and I found it. My life is forever altered.

Here’s the link to my Airbnb’s listing. If you’re headed to Sarajevo, I highly recommend staying here.

Note: the video is not hi-res because the file size was too big. Sorry!

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  1. Abbey

    I LOVED these vlogs! I also love reading of your adventures daily…and, as always, look forward to more. Love and miss you, Meaggie Poo!

    • Meagan Tilley

      Mauw!! Thanks Abbey! I’m always so happy to hear that people enjoy following my journey. It’s like you’re here with me.


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