When You Hate Your Hostel

Since starting my trip four months ago, I’ve stayed in 32 different accommodations. Yet this hostel takes the cake for my least favorite.

Ok, technically it’s 2nd because the scorpion hostel was obviously the worst. But you get my point.

I’m living in a dungeon.

Basically this “hostel” is not a hostel at all, but is a local’s basement / cellar that he converted into dorms. A bit creepy, right? Gives a “it rubs the lotion on its skin” kind of vibe.

The front door is quite normal looking:


But then you make an immediate descent.

Every time I walk in, I always think of Phantom of the Opera. Like every time.

It’s hard to think positively when you don’t have windows or natural light. It’s like a warp zone where you don’t know what time of day it is or what the weather is doing.

On top of that, I currently have two roommates. One man is in his 40s and listens to podcasts in the common room all day. The other is in his 30s and casually talks to himself.

But here’s the thing – this is my hostel for the next six days. And because I’m not changing hostels, my only choice is to change my attitude. So I decided to look for the positives. Here’s my list:

  • The location is amazing. It’s only a 4-minute walk to Old Town.
  • Because my bed is so far underground, I can’t hear street noise.
  • The temperature is nice and cool with A/C.
  • Because there aren’t windows, it’s super dark and easy to sleep.

I didn’t feel particularly up for sight-seeing quite yet, so I headed out to the grocery store to stock up for the week. This always proves to be an interesting quest. When shopping, you have to think about several things: what does this word mean, what kind of food does this grocery store sell, what can I make with it, what am I in the mood for, what can my hostel kitchen prepare?

My hostel kitchen is bare bones, so I bought a lot of sandwich type meals. I also bought things for a very sophisticated Lunchable.

Overall, I just had a tough day of discontentment. I didn’t want to be at this hostel. But instead of complaining and being in a bad mood, I decided to watch the sunset. Sunsets always make me happier.

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