A Thrilling Day of SEO

Today consisted of being on my computer for hours working on my website’s SEO. Like I literally did nothing but work on my computer all day.

I went to a cafe for a change of scenery, and I ordered a large caramel latte. They gave me back this huge monstrosity of a drink. I mean, it was delicious so I didn’t mind.


I eventually left the cafe because I had to get a new wifi code every hour, and that was just annoying. So I went back to the hostel to make dinner and continue working.

Ok, but here’s an interesting fact about today – I cooked with European eggs for the first time. Because of the way that Europeans process their milk and eggs, they remain on shelves at the grocery store until sold. Like without being refrigerated. Odd, right? Granted, I still don’t drink the milk because I dislike room temperature milk. However, I have now gathered up my courage to use the eggs, and they’re quite yummy.

My hostel kitchen gives a beautiful view of sunset, and tonight’s sunset was quite a show.

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  1. Tony Vu

    Wow Meagan! I’ve never thought about it, but we Americans refrigerate our eggs! Didn’t know that the Europeans keep their eggs in room temp. Learn something new today! Wow!


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