Or Maybe One More Night in Ghent …

I was basically a bum today. I patiently waited for my dear friend Jo to come into town. Jo and I met back in London, and we were instantly bosom buddies. Turns out, our itineraries brought us back together in Belgium. So as I waited for her to arrive, I obviously needed a place to nap.

Good thing I make friends easily.

One of the hostel owners I met let me nap on the hostel couch for the afternoon. And I napped like a champ.

Let me explain the wonders of this hostel.

Being just a little outside of the city center, it has a calm atmosphere. Plus it’s open and airy, giving me a perfect balance of sun and cool breeze. I cannot begin to express to you how much I loved this living room. If you’re ever in Ghent, check out Hostel 47. Tell ’em the girl who was their bum for a day sent you.


As I scavenged for food during the lunch hour, I found this treasure. Why piece all the items together when you can buy an all-in-one?? Cheese included!


Then I was reunited with Jo! Such a joyous occasion. She came to Ghent with two of her friends, and the four of us had a great time eating and laughing. But we weren’t very good at saying goodbye. So instead of heading back to my hostel in Bruges, I just stayed in Ghent for another night. Why not, right?

Also. This has nothing to do with anything. But. Isn’t this alpaca adorable??? Oh, the things I find on Twitter.


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  1. Tony Vu

    So convenient to package 2 hotdogs together! What a coincidence that I was eating 2 hotdogs for lunch today, but I had to make it myself. 🙂

    That Alpaca looks like my neighboorhood dog. So cute!


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