The Secret to Happy Travels

So I’ve been traveling for about 2 months now, and things haven’t always gone according to plan.

*literally laughing as I wrote that sentence*

I mean, duh. That’s basically the understatement of the century. But you know what? It’s all still been really great.

So you want to know the secret? This profound realization that I’ve learned on the road?

Hold zero expectations for everything.

Seems a little pessimistic, right? I’m a firm Idealist, so having such a laissez-faire approach to travel feels foreign to me (pun semi-intended). But I tell you, it’s the way to go.

When I approach a new city, I try to see it through a clean lens. I let the city speak to me as if I’ve never known anything about it. And if/when things go south (you miss your reservation, the hostel is lame, you can’t make friends, it’s raining the whole time, it’s more expensive than you anticipated, etc.), I remember one thing (are you ready?): I. Can’t. Change. This.

I mean, technically I could. I could change hostels. I could leave the city. But instead of trying to change the situation around me (and most times it’s fruitless anyway), I try to change my attitude towards it.

If it’s raining, I don’t get mad. I find cozy bookstores and coffee shops. If it’s hard to make friends at the hostel, I get dressed up and take myself out to dinner. If the city is overrun with tourists, I explore the outskirts.

Accept what a city can offer you and don’t get upset about what it can’t. Because a tough life lesson? Sometimes you can’t change things, but you can change how you react to it.

So there ya go. My travel tidbit.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

My French phrase collection is increasing!

  • Bonjour / Bonsoir | Hello/Good Day / Good Evening
  • Merci | Thank you
  • Au Revoir | Goodbye
  • S’il vous plait | Please
  • Parlez-vous anglais? | Do you speak English?
  • Je suis désolé | I am sorry
  • Je ne parle pas français | I don’t speak French

Definitely covering the bases for basic, civil kindness. My French friend says that I don’t sound French, however, I sound like a foreigner who knows French. I will TAKE THAT!! *raises fist in victory!*

My day consisted of going to Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame, and a 2-hour nap.


I also found this gem:


So clutch.

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