Another Travel Day, Another Train

And would you look at that – another travel day. It was time for me to say goodbye to charming Whitby and continue onwards to Edinburgh.

My Airbnb was a peaceful haven exactly when I needed it. In the midst of hostel living, sometimes it’s nice to escape for a few days. This cozy little home was just that.


So far my travel pace hasn’t been too bad. It’s also helped that I haven’t been to an airport in weeks. Airports are a drag, and train travel is so calm and beautiful. Far superior, in my opinion.

So here’s the thing – I don’t understand summer over here. For the past month, I’ve mostly had rain and 55/60 degree weather. I left Whitby as it was drizzling up a storm. I walked out of Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station and into a cold drizzle. Pretty sure summer over here is a ripoff.

But I thought to myself, “It’s ok! My hostel is super close. I’ll be snuggled very soon!”

As I faithfully followed my Google Maps with a backpack on my back and my day backpack on my front, it led me here:


You’ve got to be kidding me.

I earned those sweats and hot tea at the hostel.

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