Shopping for Warmer Clothes

Here’s the thing — it’s really cold here in South Korea. I mean it’s so cold, it’s like you could almost host the winter Olympics here. It’s that cold 😉 But here’s another thing — I’m from Texas and just spent almost 9 months in summer. I don’t do cold weather. But whether I like it or not, the near freezing temperatures are here to stay – unfortunately.

The articles of clothing I have in my backpack include shorts, skirts, dresses, and tank tops. For winter themed apparel, I have one zip-up hoodie, one pair of pants, one pair of thin yoga pants, and a recent purchase of a warmer jacket. And that’s it. So obviously I was gonna need to do some shopping.

Emily and I ventured into the cold weather and headed to a massive mall. This mall was basically a maze of amazing fashions. I never thought to pay attention to Korean fashions, but I’ve quickly become obsessed. It’s got this simplistic babydoll concept, but lots of edge. It almost feels contradictory, and I love it. If you have some time, it’s worth checking out!

After shopping for a couple of hours (and buying two sweaters, a scarf, and thick pants), Emily and I stopped for lunch. Korean BBQ style.

Korean Food

Now I understand why everyone is so obsessed with Korean BBQ. It’s because it’s amazing!!

Every day I’m amazed by how completely different South Korea is from what I’m used to. Culture shock, for sure. But I’m also constantly reminded how much I want to learn things because I enjoy this country so much.

Here are some random photos that I took today:

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