I Can Always Trust McDonald’s Wifi

Oh, look. Another day where I barely did anything. Woooooo!

Here’s my problem — I spent the past three weeks procrastinating on a lot of things. But if I had to name one thing in particular, it would be this: New Zealand.

I’m heading to New Zealand in a few weeks, and I’ve literally done almost zero research on hikes, accommodation, transportation … everything. I really need to do that. And since I’m literally doing nothing while in Airlie Beach, I’ve spent this time trying to get organized.

Travel tip – if you ever need strong wifi, McDonald’s is the perfect spot. I’ve never had their wifi let me down. And lucky for me, there’s a McDonald’s right next to the hostel. (Or unlucky because I’ve had a lot of McFlurries since being here).


I spent about three hours sitting at their shaded outdoor patio just researching and planning. I don’t know what I’d do without my Excel spreadsheets to plan my trip. It keeps me so organized and put together.

Turns out New Zealand is a bit difficult to hike around without a car. So my friend and I are going to rent one. Be ready for some epics adventures coming next month.

I feel like this post is really short, but I really didn’t do much of anything else today. After I finished my planning, I rented a DVD from the hostel and watched Public Enemy.

It was a really great movie. But how could it not with that cast?? I’m such a big fan of Marion Cotillard.

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