I Paid $60 AUD for a Ferry

Ok, being upfront with you: I didn’t really do anything exciting today.

The thing is, Airlie Beach is actually quite expensive. Accommodation is about the only thing that’s affordable out here. I’m surrounded by harbors which are really cool, but all of the famous beaches require a guided boat tour.

Boat tours that range from $150 AUD – $1,000 AUD.

Remember when I was in Iceland and couldn’t afford to do anything while I was there? I’m having flashbacks.

So I woke up and talked to my brother for about an hour. Then once my stomach started growling, I went to a coffee shop on the harbor for breakfast. I ordered a corn and zucchini fritter with avocado and bacon on top. Grand total: $20 AUD. Looks like that’s all I’m eating today 😉


I then video chatted with my mom for about two hours while sitting at the restaurant. That was super nice. (Shout out to the best momma!)

And then I took a nap. Hahaha

I woke up super groggy and hungry, so I walked to the grocery store and wandered the aisles like a zombie. I actually managed to make good food purchases for the upcoming week. So that’s something.

And then I cooked and ate dinner. Fascinating.

After that, I really needed some strong wifi so that I could research what I wanted to do while in Airlie Beach. I also ended up booking a ferry to my next airport. A ONE WAY ferry ride was $60 AUD.

Australia, it’s a good thing you’re really pretty.

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  1. Tony Vu

    The sarcasm in your last statement.