Crate Has the Best Brunch


Crate is basically the hippest, hoppin’est brunch spot in Canggu right now, and I think that’s well-deserved. Just look at my beautiful, delectable breakfast. I already ate it, and it’s still making me drool. And the price ain’t bad either. My smoothie and my “eggxelent” plate (egg, salsa, toast, topped with parmesan) came out to be about $5.

Like. What?? Back home, I would easily be forking over $14.

The menu is pretty vast with amazing options for vegans and meatlovers alike. The stomach and the wallet leave very happy. And this is why it’s one of my favorite things about Canggu.

New news: Because I’ll be staying in Canggu for quite some time, I decided to take this next week to show you a few of my favorite things about this little area. Believe me, there’s plenty to love. Let’s just say – I’ve definitely thought about moving here.

After recovering from my food baby, I worked the rest of the afternoon away with editing photos.

Also – do you guys remember the video I mentioned in a post back when I was in Iceland? I discovered that he also did a TEDx. I just really love what this guy has to say. Though I’ve only been gone for 1/2 year, I feel like I’ve been gone for a lifetime. I remember my memories from Costa Rica or England, and I think, “Are we sure that was 6 months and not 6 years ago?”

He also wrote a book if anyone is interested in reading it. I definitely want to when I’m back in the States.

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  1. Tony Vu

    Yepp..I remember that video!! I got to check out his Ted Talk…!