Finding Waterfalls in Ubud


When it comes to sleeping, Christen and I were the perfect pair. She’s jet lagged; I have longterm exhaustion. But that also means that we weren’t in any hurry to check out of our hotel.

Like no hurry at all.

2:30pm rolls around, and we’re finally loading our taxi and leaving the hotel.

We had about a 2-hour drive to Ubud where we would be spending the next three days exploring the town. Ubud is known for its ancient history, Hindu culture, and outdoor adventures, so we were really excited to get there.

On our way there, we had a pit-stop at one of the waterfalls along the way. I mean, when a waterfall is on the way, I guess we should stop and see it 😉

Because it’s rainy season, the trek down to the waterfall was a bit slippery. When in doubt, just go barefoot. Easy cleanup for sure. We get down to the path, and we’re blown away. Just tucked into the corner is a powerful, raging waterfall. No big deal.


When we finally arrived to our resort hotel, the excitement level increased exponentially. Pictures of our private infinity pool overlooking the jungle to come!!

Christen and I ended our night having dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant. It was called Bridges, and our table sat on the patio overlooking the jungle and river below. I mean, honestly – this place was so stinking cool. Four levels, lots of mood lighting, great food. Can’t possibly go wrong with that choice.

Then off to bed we go … early morning tomorrow …

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