Dublin Castles and Dublin Pubs

  A few of my hostel friends and I decided to do the Dublin Castle tour. To be honest, looking at old furniture and creepy portraits isn’t super intriguing to me. But I thought to myself, “Meagan. This is a castle. Go see a castle!” And you know what I...

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Dangling off of the Cliffs of Moher

This morning I was running late to meet my day tour to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher, then a bird pooped on me, then I forget to bring my tour receipt, then I almost boarded the wrong bus, and then I left my credit card with the tour guide. Basically off to a super...

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My Phone (and GPS) Died While Sightseeing Dublin

Getting a stellar deal on a flight always seems like a good idea ... Until you have to wake up at 3am to catch said flight. Then you rue the day you ever purchased it. It was time to leave Iceland, and I was honestly pretty excited about leaving the frigid weather. I...

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